We are Sabina and Maciek- and simply we like taking pictures. It is our hobby, passion and form of relaxation – a form of therapy we would say. We started only few years ago when digital revolution suddenly turned millions of people into “photo enthusiasts”. Back in 2005 we bought our first Film SLR and we were using it along with a digital compact camera. We switched to digital for good in 2006 when Canon 400D landed in our hands, straight from New York. Having a DSLR we started to experiment more and more, we started to read and learn how to use the camera not on Green Mode.

Since then, we are with Canon cameras but it is more as a habit rather than intended choice. We are enthusiasts of every single brand and device that takes pictures. At the end, a camera is just a tool and you are the creator.

We have met quite few special people who taught us how to take better photos. Without them we wouldn’t be where we are now. They introduced us to the creativity, equipment, skills and digital post production. Many thanks to Grzegorz, Daniel, Tom and Peter.

The main purpose of creating this blog is to show our pictures and share our enthusiasm with you. We will be showing a selection of snaps that made us smile, maybe proud but first of all we had fun taking them. There will be many portraits, landscapes, architecture and cars. You will easy spot we like traveling as well.

We respect others privacy and we urge you to respect ours. If you like any of our pictures and you want to use it, please contact us.

Sabina and Maciek

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