White Frame Studio


We are Sabina and Maciek. We are married with two kids and we have a big passion for photography. It all started back in 2005 when we bought our first Film SLR and we were using it along with a digital compact camera. Our hobby started to evolve slowly through landscapes, casual travel photography, and cars before shifting onto family and people portraits. We have started to invest quite a lot of our time into learning, discovering and mastering photography techniques. Taking photos became our way of spending time. We started to look at surrounding world through the perspective of a lens, and since then we pursue the perfection, color, light and frame of an image. We also think that the digital post-production is equally important and adds magic to our photographs. In recent years we started to take pictures of people, capturing their moments of joy, laughter, tears, and surprise. That gives us the most satisfaction. Wedding photography is special, very demanding, constantly evolving, beautiful and full of emotions type of photography. We would like to think that we capture the most of it.

White Frame Studio.