Brussels Belgium

It was a very short weekend trip to Brussels in November. Thanks to our private local guide – Beata – Brussels sightseeing went smoothly without any unnecessary wondering where we should go next. Brussels appeared to be quite unusual place and far from what we expected. We imagined it would a place with European Institution on every corner. Well… there are European Institutions in one district but we didn’t have a chance to see them due to time limits. Brussels seems to be very multicultural and relaxed place, where time goes at its own pace. It also came along as an artistic town with plenty antique shops, flea market and murals around the city that we could admire as an alternative to museums. Brussels is totally walkable city which was great. One of the unusual touristic attractions was famous statue of peeing boy – Manneken pis. There is also statue of peeing girl and apparently of a peeing dog but we haven’t seen the last one.


If you are ever in Brussels you need to check out local flea market. We went to Marolles Flea Market on Place du Jeu de Balle, where you can buy everything from junk to real bargain; from old family photographs, mirrors, mugs, pots, sofas, tables, spoons, rugs, paintings, bibelots, porcelain figures, antiques  and … lenses , yes Maciek acquired an old set old lenses that he will probably never use. It was definitely one of the most interesting shopping places we have seen. Just outside the market there was a food stall, where we could taste some local food. It looked like modified “hot dog”: a sausage in a roll with cabbage. Not too bad and not to far from our polish tastes.

Obviously for its high quality chocolate Belgium is a real heaven for all the chocoholics.  In Chocolaterie like Belgium’s famous Marcolini we could see  pralines being handmade and then packed in specially designed black -boxes – nice.

Town seemed to be very lively in the evening even for November cold evening. Lots of people were queuing for waffles and fries with mayonnaise and taking photos of a statue of peeing boy..

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