Off the main road US road trip wrap up.

New York, Boston, Chicago… somewhere between those famous “must see” places are those – “off the beaten path”. We planned that our NY -Chicago road trip wouldn’t only be the obvious tourist attraction.We don’t to sound cliché saying ..we saw the real America but indeed we can say NY as a State is not the same as NY City. Sleepy Liberty in Catskill mountains is far away from the 5th Ave. In Connecticut we could see houses with nicely trimmed grass in front of them. Rural states Ohio and Indiana looked very much like polish countryside. When we got hungry we were taking the nearest exit from the highway and we were looking for a local restaurant to eat.


Some of the nerd facts:

Distance covered: 2041 miles (3284 km)

Average fuel consumption: 25.4 mpg (9.27 l/100km)

Tanks of petrol used: 6.5

Highway tolls crossed and paid: 19

Fast food restaurants visited: 1

RAW pictures taken: 1112

Awesome weddings: 1

US States visited: 9


We are fully aware that we are among of thousands of people who travel across States every year but for us it was unique, totally amazing experience. We spent few days in NY, took a car, traveled through beautiful Connecticut and Rhode Island to Cape Cod in Massachusetts. We followed north to astonishing Boston and then back to Catskill Mountains. We smashed quite few miles though New York state to end up on the Canadian side of Niagara Falls. After that we followed west through Pennsylvania to Cleveland in Ohio. We paid a visit to Amish community in Shipshewana, Indiana. We ended up in Chicago at our cousin wedding. Did we mention shopping in Kenosha, Wisconsin? That’s 9 states in about 10 days.

Absolutely amazing and endless roads, gigantic portions of food, friendly and helpful people. And unforgettable landscapes, views, sunsets, downtowns, small towns….

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