Chicago – where all begins and ends…


This was our second attempt to discover The Windy City. It was our last destination of the road trip and also the first 5 years ago so it has a huge sentimental value for us.
Chicago is spectacular. First of all it’s big, secondly it’s diverse, and finally it has incredible heritage. Starting from the great and breathtaking architecture of Downtown, its unique layout across many canals and bridges. In many ways it is architectural masterpiece. We recommend the Chicago Architecture River Cruise where you can see most of the main buildings from the river perspective.
The city has quite big Polish community and people who’s ancestries came from Poland in last 150 years (5.3% of total city’s population). No surprise we had our family in Chicago!  Absolutely priceless moments and memories. And Congratulations again to Magda and Maciek on their wedding day!
Transport system is fairly well organized within the main Chicago area. Downtown is very easy to walk and it is manageable in just one day. Further down the greater area of City we have Metra the nation’s second-most used passenger regional rail network, operates commuter rail service in Chicago and throughout the Chicago suburbs (remember the movie “Derailed”?). We can’t forget about the famous CTA elevated train system, pictured in so many movies and video games…

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