Massachusetts – Cape Cod and Salem

One of the states we explored the most was Massachusetts. We’ll never forget our first day of driving; from JFK to Hyannis, MA. The 250 miles (405 km) took us over 6 hours (with few stops in Connecticut). We spent one day discovering Cape Cod, drove to Boston (link to BOSTON) and further to Salem. We are both old school paper map enthusiasts but we sinned and bought Sat-Nav soon after we left New York. This saved us plenty of time and well paid off during entire road trip.

Massachusetts as part of New England has incredible history. Not to mention Plymouth, Harvard University, Salem Witch Trials, Boston as “Cradle of Liberty” that led to independence of  US from Great Britain. “The Old Colony State” is the place of birth of quite few famous people, just to mention Benjamin Franklin, JFK, Edgar Allen Poe, Matt Damon, Mark Wahlberg, Uma Thurman, Steve Carell and many more. So with such a huge heritage, both historical and social, therefore there is plenty to do and see for everybody.


Cape Cod:

“The Bay State” has spectacular peninsula Cape Cod. We were not particularly lucky with the weather, it was quite chilly, windy and it was raining. We didn’t lay on the beach 😦   Fortunately it didn’t stop us to explore this beautiful piece of land. We took Road 28 East from Hyannis to Chatham and then Highway 6 north to Provincetown. Cape Cod reminds us Baltic Coast with sandy beaches, forests and dunes. It also has this universal “touristic catch” with loads of attractions, parks, small shops and surfer’s bases. Far the most, it is famous for the seafood. It is obvious for us now why this peninsula is so popular.


It was a spontaneous decision to visit the Salem which is just outside Boston. We were very curious what we could find there after reading all about those shocking events from 1692 when 19 people were hanged as a result of mass hysteria, strongly reflected in history and pop culture. We didn’t want to miss the chance to see what is actually left from those days now. Frankly speaking not that much. Our first impression was as if the town was celebrating Halloween all year round with all those “haunted houses”, “witch souvenirs” shops in each corner. But apart from that, Salem these days is a nice little town with few museums, a couple of old buildings and loads of small shops with all possible “witch souvenirs”. Still very nice and worth to see but we recommend to read about the trials first, it will make more sense.

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