Boston is incredible. In our opinion it is one of the most underrated places in USA. It is definitely a must see city for everybody who likes a little bit of history, loves walking and is anxious to discover new places. We drove to Boston from New York so naturally we compared these two cities, but we like them both very much. Boston is less busy, more compact but equally enjoyable. The Bostonians were very friendly and helpful giving us warm welcome.

Due to time restrains, we decided to take the tramway tour and did few hop offs on the way. This is definitely very efficient way of visiting the city and yet you have to time to spend some quality time in few chosen places. We regret it was only one full day in Boston, we recommend 2 or 3 days to anybody with future plans to visit the Massachusetts’s capital.


We drove to Boston directly from Provincetown in Cape Cod on 15th of May. It was already quite late so we decided to start exploring the city early on the following day. We left the car and used Boston Subway. Check the pictures for full story…

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