New York

It is really difficult to write something new and exploring about New York. There are hundreds of thousands of different blogs, posts, photos, journals, stories. And everybody tells a different thing, each of us has a different experience. Apparently …” you start to building your private New York the first time you lay your eyes on it” (Colson Whitehead “The Colossus of New York”). We’ll try to show you our story.

We are aware that being a tourist, specially for such short time as 3 days gives only a little taste of the city, so in our post we will be very selective, subjective and rapid. Don’t be disappointed if you can’t  find “must see” landmarks or places…

Times Square

Times Square has changed. It is very touristic place, massive crowd, hundreds of people trying to get your attention. Very colourful at night.

Public transport

There is a funny line in Madagascar 3 movie: “Alex, you drive!” “No” – he replies – “I’m a New Yorker, I don’t drive!”…..   well, not entirely truth as there are 10.4 million vehicles registered in New York City. But for the American standards, they have phenomenal Public Transport!

Manhattan at its best…

We’ve decided to walk through Manhattan as much as we could. Started off Brooklyn Bridge, moved to Chinatown, Little Italy and progressed towards Soho and ended up in West Village. Definitely nice but yet busy part of the city. It is amazing how easy and smoothly one part of the town changes to another, Chinatown is just a street away from Little Italy and as it is Soho.

Off the path..

Manhattan also has its more quiet and definitely more relaxing areas. We have to note that 1.6 million people live here, there are 354 schools so if you don’t like city’s noise, there are plenty places to relax. We specially recommend Greenwich Avenue and High Line just off W 14th Street. Two fantastic places to relax, have good coffee and rest from the crowds. It is also the area where you can see these typical “Manhattan old houses with stairs leading to the first floor” seen so many times in nearly every single movie filmed in New York.

And there is 5th Avenue… one of the  most famous and expensive streets in the world.

Definitely worth to see, have a walk, breathe the city.

6 Comments on “New York

  1. Maciek byłeś w nowym jorku i nie dałeś znać? Szkoda !!!
    Ucieszylabym sie ze spotkania z wami!! Oj szkoda! Fajnie jak ktoś ze znajomych przylatuje tutaj bo ja tu sama w tym mieście bez żadnej przyjaznej duszy

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